• Flexible elastic beads

    Flexible anal beads, pleasing to the anus.

    An ideal anal marbles rod – for the training and extension of the anus, built in the effect of the stages from the small-to-large bead, which makes the pleasure of penetration unforgettable.

    A flexible and pleasant anal touch rod, for fun and amusing anal penetration … Made of high quality silicone and safe to use.

    Meets all European standards.

    Easy and convenient to keep the product clean.

    Suitable for use for both women and men.

    You can use personal masturbation or incorporate into a couple act.

    The use of rhymes helps to practice and facilitates anal penetration.

    From Toy toy.

    Silicone material

    Color – different colors

    Length – 25 cm

    Thickness – 1-2 cm expands

    $ 35.00