• Dildo Aquarium

    A transparent and beautiful dildo.

    The dildo is made of ultra-soft quality jelly, elastic touch and delightful softness.

    Dildo is designed with veins and testicles pampering as in the movies …

    Sticks to the surfaces and allows for easy self-masturbation experience, without the need for hands.

    Suitable for use for both women and men.

    The dildo can be connected to strap-on straps.

    So transparent that it is delightful!

    Made by Concorde.

    Material – jelly

    Transparent color

    Length – 20.3 cm

    $ 79.00

    Dildo Aquarium

    $ 79.00
  • Dildo Black Mamba

    A dildo for a crazy pleasure.

    A seductive seductive design dildo, with a touch of soft touch and so human-like, provides an intoxicating penetration.

    A hot dildo made of high quality European silicone, guaranteeing an exceptional sex experience …

    Suitable for vaginal anal penetration and an endless cycle of pleasures!

    Suitable for women and men.

    The dildo can be connected to the strap-on strap.

    From Pipedream USA.

    Silicone material


    Length – 19 cm

    Thickness – 3.5 cm

    $ 70.00
  • Dildo Johnny

    A dildo for a bold experience.

    Dildo is made of soft and flexible silicone, has a feeling like the real thing !!

    The dildo can be attached to the surfaces, perfectly integrated into the sexual act and improves the relationship.

    Allows connection to the Strap-On belt.

    To a sweeping sexual experience, without limits.

    Made by Concorde.

    Silicone material

    body color

    Length – 18 cm

    Thickness – 3.5 cm

    $ 70.00

    Dildo Johnny

    $ 70.00