19 Crazy Couples Tattoos

The new trend – couples tattoos

How far can you take your love? Apparently there are couples who went a little further …
Couples Tattoos – This Is The New Trend!

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How does tattoos work ?!

In some tribal cultures it was customary to create tattoos by making cuts in the skin and rubbing the wound with ink, ash or other materials. This process was sometimes followed by a tinge (a deliberate creation of scars). Other cultures produced tattoos with slight pricks in a sharpened animal dipped in ink.

The modern way to create tattoos is with a device called a tattoo gun. First draw the model on the skin, then use the device. The device has between five and seven electromagnet-activated needles. The device injects the dye material between 50 and 3,000 times into the second layer of the skin (Deramis) at a depth between 0.4 mm to 1.5 mm. The device is manufactured by small and medium-sized companies all over the world.

The usual areas for tattooing are the shoulders and back, although they are also tattooed in other areas, such as the legs, abdomen and even the genitals. The most painful area for tattooing is under the armpit and above the hip. The easiest area in terms of sensitivity is the shoulder.

In prisons, where this device is not within reach, the prisoners improvise machines using a Walkman engine and regular ink. There are known cases in which shoe polish is used in urine as a substitute for ink. These methods are more painful and dangerous, but prisoners treat them as a tolerable discomfort and as a way of displaying stamina.

Can I make temporary tattoos ?!

The answer is yes!

Temporary artistic tattoos are customary in henna ceremonies in the Middle East, North Africa and Asia. In the ceremony it is customary to draw complex patterns on the hands and feet. Because the skin layer in these areas (especially in men) is particularly thick, the color tends to stay for a long time. Although in most cases it is customary to draw such a painting on the hands and feet of brides only, there are cases in places such as Bangladesh, Kashmir and Sudan, which also expect the grooms to be tattooed before the wedding ceremony. The color components are powdered henna leaf mixed with dark liquid such as coffee or tea, lemon juice (to make the color release) and sugar. The mixture creates an ointment that is applied to the skin. The color of the tattoos is fresh, reddish-brown. Such an address can hold up to two weeks at most, and then the color gradually becomes orange and vanishes.

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