A transaction executed in the above manner:

  1. The customer  pays for the product to Restricted 21.  vendor’s profit will be passed to the Vendor’s PayPal account within 72 hours after it has been confirmed that the Customer has received the product, after reducing Restricted21 commission, under the assumption that the Customer didn’t  request for return or refund.
  2. Each transaction that will be executed at RESTRICTED 21 will be charged 30% of the transaction fee and 70% will be transferred to Vendor.
  3. Gold Vendor – As part of our  desire to encourage vendors to sell their products at RESTRICTED 21 market, the first Vendors will be registered as Gold Vendor and will be promoted on Restricted21 search and marketing platform within the first 24 months from, at no cost.
  4. After 24 months, the highest rated Vendors by Restricted21 customers & by the market itself we will give another 12 months promotion as Gold Vendors on Restricted21 market at no cost.


Vendor Protection General Protocol:

  1. Payment from the customer must be immediate. purchases will marked  as paid only after cleared transaction
  2. Each transaction is committed to send  a tracking link through a delivery authority approved by the platform, if customer made a charge-back, the vendor will get a fine.
  3. If there is no tracking link, Restricted21 saves the option to give a fine in that case on the Vendor’s account.
  4. If the Vendor didn’t make sure to ship the product on time – he will have up to 48 hours  to ship the product, if  the vendor haven’t shipped  the product up to 48 hours the vendor can request an extension for another 48 hours to ship it, if after the extension granted to the vendor request the product wasn’t shipped as agreed, the customer will get a full refund.
  5. A Vendor who did not send a tracking link for up to 48 hours or did not requested an extension for another 48 hours will receive a cancellation warning & if he does not ship the product during the warning period the transaction will be canceled.
  6.  If a customer has posted a bad response for no reason / threatens to leave a bad response as extortion – the Vendor can report the customer (who threatens to leave a bad review in extortion to obtain benefits from Vendor) on the Vendor Center. The customer will have to explain why he left this response and if it turns out that the review was maliciously, we will reject and delete it, the customer  will be warned.

If if this behavior will repeat itself by the customer he will be blocked.


Product return

Returns of products depend on the seller’s and Restricted21 recommendation, product returns will take place in the following cases:

  1. According to the Shipping law of the country that the product is been shipped from.
  2. After a request submitted by the customer under the following clauses:
  • used product
  • product description does not match the product received
  • broken product.
  1. In any case, if a  customer will prove that he got a broken or used product, he will be able to return the product and get his money back. And only after sending proof to the vendor and to Restricted 21. if the vendor is not willing to refund the  customer Restricted will refund him in his place.

Too many bad reviews 

if a vendor has gotten a lot of bad reviews & a rating downgrade that he feels that is was unjustly,  he could ask Restricted21 to check for the cause of the reviews, if Restricted21 would recognize that they were unjustified Restricted21 will delete the bad reviews and the Vendor rating will go up as before.

Defected or used product

If the Vendor has ship a product in good condition and the  customer has requested for a refund and return the product defective or a different  product from what the Vendor sent, the Vendor may open an examination request by providing proof that the product sent was in good condition before being shipped to  customer , Restricted21 will decide whether to refund  the customer or not.

Age Restriction

Restricted 21 is a market that sells sex toys, fashion & adults products only for adults over the age of 18 and does not allow a sale for minors under 18 years old. If it turns out that a Vendor had sold to minors despite the platform guidelines, the Vendor will be immediately blocked.

Supplier Criteria

Suppliers can be manufacturers, brand owners, retailers, crafters, creators, and artists. Suppliers must create, manufacture, or own distribution/retail rights to the products they supply on restricted 21. Suppliers are expected to be self-serve and drop-ship orders themselves.

Prohibited items

Every supplier is responsible for following the laws that apply to you, your shop and your items, including any shipping restrictions for your items.

There are some types of items that we don’t allow on Restricted 21 platform, even if they are legal and otherwise meet restricted 21’s selling criteria. Some things just aren’t in the spirit of restricted. The following types of items may not be listed on Restricted 21:

  • Counterfeit products
  • Items whose copyright you do not own or hold (copyrighted to someone else)
  • Services: Any service that does not yield a new, tangible, physical item
  • Virtual goods and digital goods: items that are not tangible or must be delivered electronically
  • Gift cards, physical or digital
  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco and other smokable products including electronic cigarettes
  • Lighters
  • Dangerous chemicals
  • Piercing gun and tattoo gun
  • Bike and motorcycle helmet
  • Drugs, medical drug claims about an item, drug paraphernalia
  • Live animals, illegal animal products
  • Plant seeds
  • Human remains or body parts (excluding hair and teeth)
  • Pornography or adult/sexually explicit/obscene material
  • Firearms and/or weapons
  • Child car seat, child harness, and recalled toys.
  • Hate crime and items or listings that promote, support or glorify hatred toward or otherwise demean people based upon: race, ethnicity, religion, gender, gender identity, disability, or sexual orientation; including items or content that promote organizations with such views

We reserve the right to remove products that we determine are not within the spirit of Restricted 21. Such products will be removed from the site, and the supplier’s selling privileges may be suspended and/or terminated.


Seller Policies

Please keep the following things in mind as you setup your account with Restricted 21 and add products to the restricted21 platform:

  • Do not place items on Restricted 21 if you do not own or have permission for the trademark, copyright or patent
  • Do not make illegal use of photographs or written text. This includes but is not limited to copyright infringement.
  • You may not use mature, profane or racist language or images in your product listings or seller name.
  • You may not purchase your own products through the Restricted 21 platform. This is considered fraudulent and unethical behavior.
  • You may not use the Restricted 21 brand to promote your listings. This includes, but is not limited to, your display name and your product listing titles.
  • Vendors are not allowed to upload links to external websites, give personal emails or invite costumers making any personal connection outside of platform

Members who do not comply with Restricted 21 policies may be subject to review, which can result in suspension of account privileges and/or termination.


All listings on Restricted 21 should be clear, accurate and detailed. Accurate photos, descriptions and listing information are critical to selling on Restricted 21. Check out Vendor’s instruction video for more information on how to upload your products. Keep these policies in mind as you list and describe your products:

  • Listing descriptions and photos must accurately describe the item for sale, so users know what is included in the purchase.
  • You must be the copyright holder or licensed to sell the products you upload.
  • A listing may not be created for the sole purpose of sharing photographs or other information with the community.
  • A listing may not be created solely as an advertisement. This includes notices of sales or promotions in your shop.
  • Items must not be listed as available for rental or lease.
  • You may group items as a set into a single listing if the items are being sold and shipped together.
  • All listings on Restricted 21 must be for a tangible object.
  • You may not use Restricted 21 to direct shoppers to your own or another online selling venue to purchase the same items as listed in your Restricted 21 shop, as this may constitute fee avoidance. This includes posting links/URLs or providing information sufficient to locate the other online venue(s). Directing Restricted 21 Customers outside of Restricted 21 negates the supplier’s partnership with Restricted 21.
  • If an item listing is removed due to counterfeit, you may not alter that product listing to a new item.
  • A listing must not be conditional upon the purchase of another listing in your shop (for example: saying “this item may only be purchased along with another item in my shop” is not allowed). This includes listings for item upgrades, shipping upgrades, and gift-wrapping upgrades.

Listings that do not comply with Restricted 21 policies may be removed from or suspended on Restricted 21. Members who do not comply with Restricted 21 policies may be subject to review, which can result in suspension of account privileges and/or termination.


Suppliers will indicate the price of each item when uploading products onto the platform. We always try to make sure that the final price is either the target retail price or something very close to it. However, there may be a difference in the price uploaded and the price users see on Restricted 21. We do this to optimize exposure and number of transactions. We will make sure the final checkout price is as close to the retail price as possible.


Fast and reliable shipping is critical to customer satisfaction. We ask that you fulfill orders in 1-3 days and ship items using a trusted package delivery company. In order to mark an order as shipped, you are required to provide a valid tracking number for the shipment.

Restricted 21 will refund customers automatically if their order is not shipped within 5 days of purchase. We will send multiple alerts to the email address you’ve provided before these orders are auto refunded.